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Everything you need to know about your Kindra subscription.


What are the perks of a Kindra subscription and how do I sign-up?

Joining Kindra's subscription program is the best way to maintain a consistent relief regime no matter where you are in your menopause journey. By selecting 'Subscribe & Save' on each product's page, you will have the option to choose an auto-renewal

How do I know if I have a Kindra account?

Placing an order with Kindra doesn't automatically create an account for you. To create a Kindra account and gain access to our loyalty program, your order history, and ability to manage your subscription, you must first create an account. For your o

Can I swap for a different product or add a one-time item to my next order?

Yes, absolutely! You can login to your Kindra account at any time and select 'Manage Subscription' to swap a current item for a new item, add-on a one-time item to your next shipment, or add additional products to your subscription.

How do I skip a shipment?

Are you going out of town or simply have too much product on hand? You can easily skip a shipment by logging into your Kindra account, selecting 'Manage Subscription,' and choosing 'Skip Shipment' on the lefthand side of your screen.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you no longer want to continue your Kindra subscription, you may login to your account and select 'Manage Subscription' to edit or cancel your subscriptions. If you do not yet have a Kindra account, please create an account by registering with the