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Loyalty Program

How to join the Kindra Club, earn points & reach new tiers.


How do I join the loyalty program?

Joining The Kindra Club is easy! Just create an account and you’ll get 100 points for signing up. If you already have a Kindra account, you've already been added to the program and will start earning points on your next purchase.

How do I earn points?

In addition to earning points on every Kindra purchase, you can earn points by completing different activities like following us on Instagram, liking our Facebook page, or signing up for our newsletter. For more ways to earn points check out our page

What are the benefits of each tier?

We have three tiers in our loyalty program, Close Companion, Kindred Spirit, and Subscribers. Close Companion. 5 points per $1 spent. Early access to sales. Early access to new products. Birthday Gift. Kindred Spirit. 6 points per $1 spent. Early acc

How do I get rewards?

The more points you earn, the higher the rewards will be. Below is an example of our reward structure:

How do I apply a rewards discount to my next subscription order?

To apply your rewards discount to your next subscription order, simply login to your Kindra account and follow the below steps:. Your rewards discount has now been successfully applied to your next subscription order!.